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Blessed by Moolsthan Deity Shree Durga Honnamma in Siddapur, Kundapur Taluka.Udipi District., Karnataka, our Samiti is registered as a Charitable Trust with two fold objects:


  1. To build a temple of Adishakti Jagatjanani Bhadrakali Mahalaxmi Durga Honnamma in Mumbai &
  2. To carry out social, cultural, charitable & religious activities for all round development of Society.


Our Samiti was formed in 1987 when a small group of people having unflinching faith and devotion in Goddesses Bhadrakali Mahalaxmi Durga Honnamma decided to institutionalize worship of the Goddess and expand the fold of her devotees under the banner of a society. The current registered office of the Samiti was acquired and an image of the deity was installed on Duvadashi day of Krishnapaksha of Ashadh month. Thus started the journey of the Samiti with a small beginning which has now grown into a big river with thousands of devotees joining the flow. Every year has seen the Samiti crossing a new milestone.

Event Schedule From On 8th April 2016...